869 CASH MACHINE SECURITY MANUAL  This EXCLUSIVE manual will describe the NEWEST method of tapping into most cash machines. To our knowledge, this method has never before been commercially offered. Included are ALL instructions with a list of items you'll need.  These items can be purchased from any hardware store for about $10.00.  The method is very easy to perform and can net you $1,000.00 CASH in minutes. Method can be executed multiple times.  This method will not set off alarms if used correctly, a card is never inserted into the cash/ATM machine. By showing you the hole in security, you will be able to design better security and countermeasures for machines located in your business.

809 CASH MACHINE/ATM MACHINE SECURITY MANUAL   This FASCINATING manual describes MANY WAYS to hack ATM machines into giving you money.

929 NO-INFO BANK ACCOUNTS  This informative and LEGAL information of how to open or even CHANGE YOUR CURRENT bank to not have a SSN attached to it. This can save you thousand per year in “taxes” that you will NOT HAVE TO PAY!

808 CHECKING ACCOUNT SECURITY MANUAL  Bank checking account scams explained in detail. This information is valuable for store owners to help them find what to look for.

841 TELECHECK / TELECREDIT SECURITY MANUAL  You know those services that approve your check or credit card when you're purchase something at the store? Well, this manual describes how to hack it into always being approved.

845 CHECK WASHING SECURITY MANUAL  Learn where to obtain hundreds of checks, remove the ink and rewrite the checks for the amount and payee you desire. These methods are easy to do and also include where you can easily cash these checks without detection.

920 DISAPPEARING INK  Think of the uses for disappearing ink such as promissory notes, leases etc. Formulas to make your own. Adjust formula to disappear in 1-4 days.





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